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My Vegan Find: Guudbelly

My Vegan Find: Guudbelly

I always love to find new places to eat. While I was doing some research on another blog post, I found this new vegan spot called Guudbelly. You won’t find Guudbelly at a store front location. Instead, this vegan business travels to farmers markets, coffee shops, and other Houston events or pop up shops.

I love tamales so when they told me they make Vegan tamales; I was intrigued. I’m always trying to follow the 80/20 rule when I’m not out eating food to share new places with you; I try to eat healthy and clean 80 percent of the time.

What I ate:

By the time I arrived, they only had one tamale flavor left called the Legumy. They made the Legumy with black beans, pinto beans, lentils, jasmine rice, potatoes, organic raisins, organic onions, jalapeño peppers, garlic and organic smoke paprika. The tamale came to me hot on a banana leaf.

Vegan Tamale


Vegan tamale

I’m not a vegan, but these tamales didn’t make me feel deprived or miss not having meat.

Visit the website, and you can search Guudbelly pop up locations around the city of Houston. Don’t forget to share your experience with me. Since I didn’t get to try the other flavors, I’ll be back soon and will share my update. Until next time, love, peace and food.

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