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Red Dessert Dive Hits My Sweet Spot

Red Dessert Dive Hits My Sweet Spot

I visited a quaint dessert spot in the Houston Heights called Red Dessert Dive. You’ll know I love sweets. I could literally eat sweets daily. I could tell when I walked into the door the owner put a lot of love into the shop. It’s a small, intimate space. I think it’s great for meeting up with friends or just to drop in to grab a bite and go. The desserts on display smacked me in the face when I walked in the door.

Cupcake Display
Cupcake display at Red Dessert Dive

You would of thought I was a kid in the candy the store. Thee were so many desserts it overwhelmed me.  I ordered a banana pudding to go and a drip coffee with a shot of expresso. I noticed a sign from Tacodeli on the counter after I ordered. The cashier told me they collaborated with Tacodeli to offer breakfast tacos in the morning. I decided to place another order for the Papas Egg and Cheese Taco. Tacodeli made this one with organic eggs, jack cheese and mashed potatoes. I will try anything once. However, this taco was so good I’d try it again. I used Tacodeli’s house made Salsa Doṅa as dipping sauce. The sauce was a step below their hottest flavor.

Red Dessert Dive Menu
Menu at Red Dessert Dive
Taco Deli Menu
Tacodeli Menu
Papas, Egg and Cheese Taco
Papas, Egg and Cheese Taco
Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding
Red Engraved Bar Seating
Red engraved bar seating

The menu rotates at Red Dessert Dive based on the season. You can find an array of desserts and pastries including croissants, muffins, scones, cupcakes, banana pudding, cheesecake and more. Individual dessert prices range from $1 to $6.25. You can stop in for a breakfast quiche or a curry chicken salad sandwich for lunch. Red Dessert Dive gives a lot variety on its menu. Most of the sandwich prices range from $6 to $8. The dive also offers a gluten free and vegan menu.

Oatmeal Cookies Red Dessert Dive
Cookies at Red Dessert Dive
Chocolate Chunk Cookies at Red Dessert Dive
Chocolate Chunk Cookies at Red Dessert Dive

Some other unique items I saw on the menu include the beer bread and the peanut butter and pear preserve sandwich. Red Dessert Dive is the perfect spot for coffee. They offer drip coffee, iced coffee, French press, cappuccino, late, expresso, chai latte, and a few more. They make their coffee syrups in house. The drink and food menu offers an eclectic mix. You can find Italian soda, Mexican soda, kombucha, iced tea, wine, and beer.

Herbal Teas sit at the register inside of Red
Herbal Teas sit at the register inside of Red

Red Dessert Dive caters for local events. You can order cakes for special occasions. The dive also hosts high tea if reserved in advance for $18 per person. You can visit Red Dessert Dive Tuesday through Sunday. It’s a pet friendly location as well. You’ll be happy to know the neighborhood dive gives back to local charities. Each month they feature a signature dessert and donate all the proceeds to a different charity.

Patio seating at Red Dessert Dive
Patio seating at Red Dessert Dive

Red Dive Dessert is located on 1045 Studewood Street. Please share your experience with me if you visit. Until next time, love, peace and food.

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